1. What is an "image" actually?

In terms of web design, an image is anything you can see that is not text. Pictures, photographs, icons, and clipart are the most common images. Sometimes text is converted to an image by using WordArt. Images are sometimes used to create a background. Twinkling stars on a black sky was used to create the background for this page.

The most common type of image formats that you will encounter are "gifs" and "jpegs." The images files will contain a three letter extension such as ".gif" and ".jpg". Animated images will be in the gif format, but not all gifs are animated. Photographs are usually jpegs, but not all jpegs are photographs. There is a controversy among techies as to the correct pronounciation of the word "gif." Some pronounce it as the word "gift" minus the t. Others prounounce it as "Jif", like the peanutbutter. "jpeg" is always pronounced "jay-peg". If you don't usually talk to techies, this will never be an issue in your life.

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