4. How do I insert background images?

Insert Clipart, Pictures, and Animations

Next, we will jazz up that blank page with a background image. Here are the steps to follow:Click here for printer-friendly instructions on how to insert a background image.

  1. With your blank web page open in Word 2000, click on "Format", then "Background" and color choices will appear.
  2. If you want a solid colored background, select a color by clicking on it.
  3. If you want multiple colors or an image as a background, instead of clicking on a color, click on "Fill Effects" at the bottom of the menu.Screen shot available.
  4. For multiple colors choose the "Gradient" or "Pattern" tab, make your selection, then press "OK".
  5. For an image background choose the "Texture" or "Picture" tab, make your selection, then press "OK".Screen shot available.
  6. If you want to use a background image that you saved, after clicking on the "Texture Tab" click on the "Other Texture" button. This will allow you to browse for your image. If you saved it in the "Stuff" folder, browse to there, select the image that you want, click the "Insert" button, and then the "OK" button on the "Fill Effects" screen.
  7. That's it! Click on the arrow when you are ready to learn how to insert other images.
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