Lesson Four: Finding, Saving, and Inserting Images

This is the first new material that some of you have encountered in this tutorial. We are now offically to the FUN part of creating a web page. I must caution you that you might become obsessed with finding the "just-right" image. I should also advise you that most web design experts advise against the overuse of images, especially animated images. Animated images seem to annoy most people. When designing for children, teachers, and parents I usually ignore this rule. It seems that students and their parents and teachers are used to movement of all kinds! Twitching, wiggling, flapping, and vibrating seems to be comforting to us. If your images move less than your most active students, then I think you are within acceptable limits. When in doubt, ask your students what they think!

I will now attempt to answer your most likely questions about images. Click on the question to discover the answer. If you know the answer, feel free to skip ahead.

  1. What is an "image" actually?
  2. Where can I find images?
  3. How do I save images from the Internet?
  4. How do I insert images into a web page?
  5. Do images have a copyright?

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