3. How do I hide borders and gridlines?

When using tables in web pages, you will encounter situations when you want the borders and gridlines to show and situations when you want to hide them. This page has borders and gridlines showing. This page has them hidden. Follow these steps to hide borders and gridlines:Printer-Friendly Directions For This Task

  1. Select the table by clicking on the crossed arrows that appear in the upper left hand corner of the table. (Table will be black.)Screen shot available.
  2. On the tool bar, click on "Format," then "Borders and Shading."
  3. On the screen that opens:Screen shot available.
    • Select the "Borders" tab
    • In the "Apply to" textbox, choose "Table"
    • Under "Settings" choose "None"
    • Click OK.
NOTE: A faint outline of the table may still appear, but it will not show when the page is published.

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