Lesson Ten: Downloading WS FTP LE
Follow these steps to download WS FTP:Click here for printer-friendly instructions on how to download WS FTP.
  1. On the desktop, create a new folder and name it WS FTP.
  2. Visit the following website: http://download.cnet.com/downloads/0-10064-108-35156.html?tag=st.dl.10064.upd.10064-108-35156
  3. Click "Download Now"
  4. In the "File Download Screen" that pops up, select "Save this program to disk."
  5. Browse to find WS FTP folder. Click "Save" button.
  6. Download will begin. When finished click "Open" button.
  7. On the screen that opens, select Install WS FTP LE, Click "continue."
  8. Select "Student, faculty member, . " and click "Next"
  9. Select where and how you will be using this program. Click "Next."
  10. Accept the License Agreement
  11. Click OK to accept the default destination folder
  12. Select preferred destination for folder or file transfers. Browse to find the folder labeled with first initial and last name. Click OK. NOTE: This can be changed later if needed.
  13. Click OK to accept default program manager group
  14. Copy and paste a shortcut to the program in the WS FTP program on the desktop
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