1. How do I create a table?

There are several ways to create a table in Word 2000. The method listed below is the simplest:Click here for printer-friendly instructions on how to create a table.

  1. Begin with the "practice" web page open in Word 2000.
  2. Position the cursor at the point where you want the table to appear.
  3. In the task bar, click on "Table", then "Insert", then "Table."
  4. Screen shot available.
  5. In the menu that pops up, indicate the number of rows (horizontal) and columns (vertical) that are needed.
  6. Choose "AutoFit to Contents." The program will automatically adjust the table size as you add content.
  7. Screen shot available.
  8. Click "OK." You should see a small table with the number of rows and columns that you indicated.

Click on the green arrow when you are ready to learn how to insert pictures and text into the table cells.

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