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Web Sites

My Classroom Web Site:  I use this web site as an instruction tool to support inquiry based instruction in my 5th Grade eMINTS Classroom.  It is updated daily to meet the needs of my students.

Valley Park Elementary School:  I am the webmaster for the elementary division of my school district.  This is the web site that I created and maintain.  It provides valuable information for parents and community memembers.
Electronic Portfolio: This portfolio was created for as a part of my Educational Technology Specialist Degree from the University of Missouri Columbia.  It demonstrates my proficiency of the ISTE Standards and showcases many learning products.
Gamequarium: This is portal to more than 1500 online, interactive learning games and activities for 3rd to 6th grade students.  It is used by more than 1000 school worldwide and is consistently ranked in the top 15 sites for K-12 teachers.
Gamequarium Jr.:  With the success of Gamequarium, came requests from Pre-K through 2nd grade teacher to create an online portal to interactive learning games and activities for younger elementary students.
City of Valley Park, Missouri: I serve as web design consultant for the City of Valley Park, Missouri.  I developed and maintain this site.  I am training city staff members to take over the maintenance of the site.


Web Learning Units:

Alien Tourist Adventure:  A WebQuest for 3rd - 5th grade learners in which learners  join a team of experts  to learn as much as possible about a group of intergalactic alien tourists and their homelands.  The aliens accidentally crashed and are dazed and confused so the information they provide is sketchy.  The experts must problem solve and reprogram the spacecraft's computer to return the aliens to the correct home.
Native Americans
Interactive Museum of Forces, Motion, and Simple Machines

Hypermedia Learning Units:

(Download the PowerPoint 2003 Viewer if you don't not have Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 or higher install on your computer. The embedded videos will only play if you have PowerPoint 2002 or higher actually installed on your computer.)

Understanding Biomes, Ecosystems, Adaptations and Feeding Relationships

Understanding Solid Figures