"...if we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow." ~John Dewey

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Professional Development WebQuest

Through assisting teachers in creating classroom websites, I have discovered that many tend to skip the planning process and move rapidly into the production of the website.  They believe this will save time, however, in the long run it increases the amount of time to complete the process.  Careful planning on paper will eliminate the need to correct elements within a web editor. Additionally, many completed websites could be improved to more closely correspond with the common components of the eMINTS philosophy.

I created a WebQuest to encourage teachers to think critically about how the content of their websites can support teacher-facilitated, student-centered, inquiry-based learning within a global learning community.  The WebQuest uses the cooperative learning jigsaw structure to share knowledge about what was discovered as a result of researching a particular topic. This sharing of knowledge is used to generate a "Top Ten List" of effective website features. The end result is an individual storyboard for a classroom website that can then be created using a web editor.

Planning a Classroom Website to Enhance Learning

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