Advanced Web Design
A Tutorial for Designing with Microsoft FrontPage 2002
by Diana Dell

Welcome to the Advanced Web Design Tutorial for Microsoft FrontPage 2002. This tutorial is designed to assist you with adding color, images, sound, functionality, and movement to web pages.  It is assumed that this tutorial will be used by those with some prior experience with FrontPage. It is organized to be completed at your own pace as you choose topics of most interest to you.

The table of contents provides access to essential information and step-by-step instructions for each of the web design topics.  Clicking the main link in a section will allow you to browse instructions for all subtopics.  Clicking a subtopic link will take you directly to instructions for that subtopic.  All links from the table of contents open in a new window.  Close that window to return to the table contents.

To get the maximum benefit from this learning experience, it is recommended that you have both the tutorial and Microsoft Front Page 2002 open and move back and forth as needed. For those more comfortable with paper, a printable file can be downloaded below.

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